Achieve Your Objectives: Introducing Goal-Based Buying on AudioGO

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Do you ever feel a disconnect between traditional advertising metrics and your specific objectives? If you're an audio advertiser, we bet the answer is yes

With ad spend in the digital audio advertising market only growing (it’s forecasted to reach $11.13bn this year), there’s a good chance that sentiment can only grow. 

Goal-Based Buying, AudioGO’s brand new feature, is here to help. The game-changing addition to AudioGO’s platform is designed to empower advertisers with a more intuitive and strategic approach to their campaigns. 

What is Goal-Based Buying?

Before building out a campaign, use Goal-Based Buying to set, track, and optimize campaigns according to specific objectives beyond traditional metrics, such as demographics or number of impressions. 

It’s an intuitive way to strategize and execute campaigns based on specific business goals. More on that below.

Available Campaign Goals: 

    • Brand Awareness: Boost brand recall through frequent exposure to diverse audiences for top-of-mind consideration.
    • Brand Reach: Maximize your brand’s exposure to the widest range of unique listeners.
    • Website Traffic: Direct interested listeners to your website with optimized banner retargeting on click-enabled devices.
    • Conversions: Convert visitors into customers through purchases or form submissions on your landing page.
    • Store Traffic: Drive listeners to visit your physical location, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty. 

By allowing advertisers to select their primary campaign objective, AudioGo can then recommend the best audio ad strategies, placements, and targeting options to achieve that specific goal.

How AudioGO Optimizes Your Campaign for Each Goal:

  • Brand Awareness: Your ad is delivered multiple times to each listener to increase brand recall. 
  • Brand Reach: For a wider audience reach, your ad is delivered only once to each listener.
  • Website Traffic and Conversions: Your campaign will target banner-enabled publishers on streaming platforms, exclusively focusing on devices capable of click actions (excluding smart speakers). For podcasts, banner delivery is dependent on retargeting activation.
  • Store Traffic: Integrate with digital tactics to increase physical store visits. For example, incorporate digital elements to track success. 

These behind-the-scenes adjustments to your campaign structure optimizes the delivery of your goal, providing optimal results. 

Learn more about each of these goals here

More Perks to Goal-Based Buying: 

Whether generating brand awareness, boosting app downloads, or increasing website visits, Goal-Based Buying enables advertisers to align their campaigns directly to their overarching goals. 

Plus, having campaigns directly connected to advertisers’ goals ensures a more effective ad spend, increased ROI, a smoother advertising experience, higher retention rates, and better insights into customer needs.

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