BunnyStudio Webinar: Audio Ads, from Creation to Distribution

2 min read

Our mission here at AudioGO has always been about making audio advertising something simple and affordable for all small businesses.

Offering professionally made audio ads for just $10 is a large part of it.

So for this webinar, we'd like to introduce you all to our creative partners in making this possible: BunnyStudio. And as you'll soon find out from this conversation about best practices for audio advertising, they do a whole lot more than just produce amazing audio ads.

Join us as AudioGO’s Kate Gerwe and Ian Murphy sits down with BunnyStudio's Kitty Gould to discuss what goes into a good audio ad - and the success that comes out of a great ad campaign.


About BunnyStudio

BunnyStudio's goal is to shape the future of talent outsourcing by not only redefining what service delivery is, but also by teaming up with the world’s best creatives.

In doing so they've created a reliable and scalable voice-over service with predictable pricing and fast turnaround. In fact, their clients’ need for speed and their commitment to excellence combine to embody their guarantee: if you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you your money back.

For more information, please visit their website at bunnystudio.com