Introducing AudioGO: The Future of Audio Advertising for Small Businesses

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Hi everyone and welcome! We here at AudioGO are so excited to be officially up and running. After working in private beta over the past several months, AudioGO is now available for small businesses and agencies across the U.S.

In short, AudioGO is a new, affordable self-serve platform for small businesses to make and run audio ads on premium audio publishers (like Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn) and popular podcasts - for a minimum spend of only $250. Our mission is to make the power of audio accessible and easy to use for everyone, and not just large ad buyers. We think that entrepreneurs, brick and mortar shops, e-commerce platforms and any kind of small business or small agency should all have the chance to get their message heard by those who love to listen to the top streaming services. And that’s a lot of people - the percentage of Americans who listen to online audio has doubled since 2012, growing from one-third of the population to two-thirds.

We’re especially excited today because we’re launching the AudioGO blog.

Our team is committed to supporting small businesses, including those of you who would like to try out audio advertising for the first time, but aren’t quite sure how, or didn’t think it was within your reach. Expect to see content that helps you better understand the platform, how to use it, and how to run campaigns that are a best-fit for your budget, your audience and your business. In addition, we plan to share audio industry insights, use cases, tips and best practices that will help make your audio ad campaigns successful from day one.

Through AudioGO, small businesses and agencies now have a viable way to reach their customers, engaging with them on a whole new level. Audio truly is the next frontier in advertising and we can’t wait to help you learn more about this fast growing medium and how to make it work for your business.

Just log in or set up and account at to get started!

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The AudioGO Team