Webinar: Take your Multichannel Marketing Beyond Facebook and Google

2 min read

Audio ads are famously catchy; they can lift awareness by as much as 81%, brand recall 26%, and they've even been known to quadruple engagements across accompanying search and social campaigns. And here to tell you all about it first-hand is Gary Brazzell, Owner of Brazzell Marketing:

  • Find out how he was able to grow sales 30% by including audio ads into his multichannel marketing mix. 📈 
  • Learn the pros and cons to various marketing channels and some of the most popular ad platforms out there. 👍👎
  • Discover best practices for creating your own revenue-driven ad campaigns, and a whole lot more! 💰

So if your new years resolution is to get more out of your digital marketing, then this is definitely a conversation that you won't want to miss!