From Streaming Ads to Tracking Sales with Fraction and AudioGO

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AudioGO and Fraction allow businesses to distribute digital offers via streaming audio ads, as well as providing attribution and tracking for in-store and online sales. Utilizing these two products together give businesses the ability to advertise on Pandora, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, and other premium audio publishers, in addition to providing customer incentives without the need for any third-party applications. Users hear an audio ad, they’ll click a banner to receive an offer directly to their mobile wallet, which can then be redeemed with the advertising merchant.

Online advertising is rapidly changing, especially in the COVID era. While traditional channels still maintain their effectiveness, a number of small businesses are increasingly having to look for better - and more affordable - ways of driving in-store and online sales. And fortunately, many of them are finding a lot of success with this by offering digital deals in one of today’s fastest-growing consumer spaces: streaming audio.

Podcasts. Smart speakers. Digital Radio. Music. News. Audio is an integral part of our lives - but even more so since this pandemic began, as music streaming has jumped 30%1, podcast listening is up 26%, and smart speaker adoption has soared 40% in just the past few months.2 And this is when the average American was already streaming as much as 4.5 hours of audio content a day.3

Enter AudioGO - a new self-serve advertising platform that makes it easy for small businesses to create, manage, and run audio ads on popular podcasts and music streaming apps like Pandora, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, and more. Their ads can also be targeted to this growing audience of listeners based on choices of age, gender, time, location, language, music and podcast genre. Which means you get to decide who hears your ad. Minimum spend is only $250. And users can even create a professional audio ad within the platform in under 24 hours and for just $10.

Of course, the crux of every advertising platform is the challenging topic of attribution. ‘How much are these ads generating in sales?’ is, justifiably, the biggest question on the minds of every business owner. Particularly for those interested in measuring ROI.

Enter Fraction - a new digital deal platform that makes it easy for merchants to create, distribute, and accept promotional offers without the need for any third-party applications, email addresses, nor POS integrations. It works by installing a 100% app-less digital offer - think mobile boarding passes, but for coupons instead - that contains state-of-the-art tracking tech that connects any purchases associated with it back to its original ad source. Thereby solving that final attribution piece so-desired by advertisers.

To use it with AudioGO, simply copy and paste your Fraction Deal into the display ad destination URL from their campaign set up page (AudioGO offers free ad hosting for up to 3 display banners as part of their standard service). So anytime anyone hears this ad, an interactive banner is shown that when clicked will download an offer to the listener’s mobile wallet. And as soon as that offer gets redeemed, businesses will be able to know right away that this sale came from their AudioGO campaign.

Fraction’s CEO, Sean Arietta, is a firm believer that ‘a rising tide lifts all boats,’ a notion that sits at the intersection of this partnership. ‘Businesses win because customers can be traced back to a specific channel through the Fraction system, customers win by getting to find out about great new businesses through AudioGO’s streaming ad platform, and the biggest winner are the local communities who get to thrive all as a result.’

For more information on what AudioGO and Fraction can do for your business, please visit or Testing credits are available upon request, so feel free to get in touch to see if you qualify.

1 PR Newswire, Comscore Research Finds Increased Audio Streaming During Coronavirus Pandemic, 7/8/2020

2 Edison Research, Share of Time Spent Listening to Audio at Home in the US Increases 44% During Covid Disruption, 6/15/2020

3 Nielsen, Music 360 Report 2017

About Fraction

Fraction is a technology company committed to helping small & medium businesses succeed by connecting them to qualified customers. They use technology designed for some of the largest retailers in the United States, repackaged for SMBs as a powerful set of tools to find and drive qualified customers. Their basic product is a 5-minute setup tool for creating, distributing, and accepting digital offers that require no customer apps, no emails, and no POS integrations.

About AudioGO

Our mission is to make the power of audio accessible and simple for everyone to use, not just large ad buyers. We believe entrepreneurs, brick and mortar shops, e-commerce retailers, and any kind of small business should have the chance to get their message heard. We also believe this process should be easy too. So we eliminated the salesperson and the studio: and built a self-serve platform that allows any business to create, buy, and run audio ads on the country's top podcast and music streaming apps.