Boost Your Vaccine Efforts with Digital Audio Advertising

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For months, healthcare providers and public health officials have encouraged Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine, and nearly half of Americans have gotten “the jab.” But there is still work to be done. Some Americans are hesitant to get the vaccine, and digital audio is a powerful way to reach them. AudioGO makes it easy for health care advertisers to reach consumers with important public health messages about vaccine availability, safety and other vital information.

With AudioGO, healthcare advertisers can advertise on the most popular digital audio services, including Pandora, SoundCloud, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Univision, Entravision, and more, and in popular podcasts, music, sports and spoken word content. In fact, AudioGO’s network of publishers reaches nearly half of all Americans.

While 46.8% of Americans are fully vaccinated, there are still millions more who haven’t received a shot.  Public health departments, physicians and hospitals are working tirelessly to sway holdouts and combat false information. Among some communities and age groups, including people of color and younger Americans, there is a reluctance to get the vaccine. Some people are concerned about safety or don’t feel at risk. Parents of children 12 and older may also be struggling whether to vaccinate their minors or wait.

Advocates say that strong public health messaging can help convince vaccine-hesitant adults to get a shot and to vaccinate their eligible children. Healthcare providers are adamant that every shot will help stamp out the disease and protect Americans.

To spread the word, digital audio is an effective and efficient way to reach consumers. During the pandemic, more consumers had time to sample digital audio services and discover content, and listening has never been stronger. Nearly 75% of all adults 25 to 54 years old stream digital audio, according to Edison Research.

How digital audio can help

AudioGO is a simple and cost-effective way to access digital audio inventory across popular platforms. Starting at $250, you can create and place a campaign that runs on the most popular audio content.

If healthcare and public health marketers want to reach specific communities, AudioGO can help target ads to the right audiences. We offer demographic targeting, content targeting by genre, and more than 60 user profile targeting options based on interests and status, as well as location-based targeting down to the zip code.  

We have our own in-app studio where users can create their own ads, including the ability to produce Spanish-language ads for just $10. Those Spanish-language ads will run on the most popular Spanish-language digital audio networks, including Univision, SBS and Entravision.

How to craft your message

When advertisers create digital audio ads promoting the COVID-19 vaccine, it is very important to consider what you say and how you say it. Public health officials have advised that spots should be positive, factual and encouraging. They recommend including practical information about vaccine locations and the benefits of vaccinations. When possible, they’ve encouraged advertisers to provide community resources, such as public health hotlines and websites. And they recommend staying away from spots that could be considered pushy or aggressive.

The diagnosis

This summer, Americans are enjoying a return to normalcy, eating at restaurants, hitting the beach and reuniting with friends and family, and the COVID-19 vaccine has been instrumental in that progress. Healthcare advertisers want to encourage as many people as possible to “get the jab.” Digital audio is an excellent tool to help advance that cause and keep Americans safe and protected. That’s a cause we can get behind.