2020: The Year Audio Advertising Goes Mainstream

2 min read

Audio's been making a lot of noise these past couple of years. 

Looking back, 2018 will no doubt be remembered as the year of the smart speaker

2019, the year of the podcast.  At a time where a record 77% of online Americans were streaming music, we even saw wireless earbuds enjoying a moment in the past year too.

And with all this playing in the background, a few months ago we launched AudioGO: our solution for small businesses to get heard in this new digital future, simply and affordably.

Since our debut, we’ve managed to push the industry past the days of having to speak to a person for audio ad placements, and instead created a self-serve platform that completely automates the process from start-to-finish. High spending requirements in the thousands of dollars are also now a thing of the past; all you need is $250 and something to say with AudioGO, and we’ll take that message to whoever, wherever, and whenever you want by way of intelligent targeting.

Out with the old and in with the new, we said.  And so far the results have been nothing short of amazing, as we’ve proudly given a voice to thousands of local businesses on the country’s largest streaming networks.

So as we look ahead into 2020, we made a resolution to GO bigger on the tools, analytics, reporting, and partners to help our customers build even bigger audiences. The stage is all but set for another huge year in digital audio, and we’re putting small business front and center.

Digital audio is fast becoming a fixture in our everyday lives, even faster is it becoming a feature in today’s digital ad mix.  That’s because when screens are off, audio is on - in living rooms and bedrooms, offices, gyms, cars, you name it - and we’re helping to create new markets and new opportunities for businesses to reach more people in these new moments during the day.

So come kick your marketing off with a bang this 2020 with an audio campaign - GO join us as we continue to develop the digital future of advertising.

And from all of us at AudioGO, we want to wish you a happy new year!